Brazilian Dental Journal: Preparation Time Comparison

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Brazilian Dental Journal 2016

STUDY: Performance of Three Single Instrument Systems in the Preparation of Long Oval Canals


The study refers to Bassi Logic by its trade name in Brazil, Easy Pro Design Logic. It is abbreviated in the study as EPL.


About the Study:

This study evaluates the performance of the Wave One, Easy ProDesign Logic and One Shape systems in the preparation of long oval root canals.


Highlights from the study:

“The EPL [Bassi Logic] system featured a significantly shorter preparation time than the WO and OS systems (p<0.05).”


“The WO [WaveOne], EPL [Bassi Logic] and OS [OneShape] systems presented mean preparation times of 2.13 min, 0.54 min, and 2.21 min (p<0.05), respectively.”



Mean Preparation Time

  • Bassi Logic™ .54 min
  • WaveOne® 2.13 min
  • OneShape® 2.21 min