A Campeã em Endodontia Conservadora

A Monumental Leap in NiTi Rotary Files.

Tratamento Térmico de Última Geração

Na Easy, utilizamos um processo único de tratamento térmico para alcançar a lima melhor do mercado em fatiga cíclica e resistência torcional, enquanto mantém o elevado poder de corte. Permitindo assim, um prepare conservador com segurança e confiança. 

Next-Gen Heat Treatment

At Bassi, we use a proprietary heat treatment process for achieving the strongest cyclic fatigue and highest torsional resistance while maintaining sharpness. Allowing for conservative shaping—safely and with confidence. 

Flexibilidade que Mantém o Canal Original

Siga a anatomia do canal original com confiança. Pré-alargamento, pincelamento e acessos retos não são mais necessários. As limas Logic demonstraram ter significativamente maior resistência a fatiga cíclica e resistência torcional quando comparado com outros sistemas de lima única.*

  • Logic™ 910.37 ciclos
  • WaveOne® Gold 264.76 ciclos (concorrente)

Structure-Preserving Flexibility

Tightly follow the contour of any root with confidence–no longer is flaring, brushing or straight line access needed. Bassi Logic™ files have been shown to have significantly greater resistance to cyclic fatigue and high torsional resistance compared with other single file systems*.

  • Bassi Logic™ 910.37 cycles
  • WaveOne® Gold 264.76 cycles

Incomparável Poder de Corte

Apresentamos a lima de NiTi tratata termicamente que corta como aço. Estudos demonstraram que a Logic™ termina a instrumentação em 1/3 do tempo utilizado pelos instrumentos concorrentes.


Faster Instrumentation

Cuts Like Steel

Now there is a heat treated NiTi file that cuts like stainless steel. Studies have shown Bassi Logic™ completes instrumentation in a third less time than leading single file systems†.


Faster Instrumentation

Desenvolvida para ser a frente do Tempo.

Uma Única Lima para Formatação

Sistema Rotatório

Sessão Transversal Única por Taper

Ângulos Helicoidais Variáveis

Cabos codificados por cores

Conservador Taper 03

Preços acessíveis

Single-File Shaping System

Continuous Rotary

Unique Cross-Sections Per Taper

Variable Helical Angles

Color-coded Handles

Conservative 03 Taper

Conservatively Affordable Price

Testimonial Dr Fabiano

“Since I started using Bassi Logic, my endodontic procedures have improved greatly. In the Bassi Logic line, you can find a file to fit any root canal anatomy. In addition to its’ simple and safe technique, the fair cost makes it an exceptional choice.”

Key Fabiano, DDS

Testimonial Dr Parra

“The .03 taper Logic files are perfect for my conservative approach to endodontics!”

Debora Parra, DDS

Testimonial Dr Duarte

“We’ve been using Logic instruments and have conducted studies with them, and we were able to obtain very conservative results. Also, the RT instruments, both in studies and in clinical use, showed a great capacity to remove obturation, working safely inside curved canals.”

Marco Antonio Hungaro Duarte, DDS, PhD

Testimonial Dr Laperriere

“In my whole professional life, I’ve never done such fast and safe endodontic retreatments as the ones using Logic RT files. I don’t even have to use solvents! That saves me a lot of time.”

Frederico Laperriere, DDS